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My name is Shubham Naik and I thank you for visiting my website! 😊

I am a software engineer located in San Francisco, CA. I like to write about technology, the tech industry and history. I also make interactive drawings with web.


Let's learn about protocol buffers

Protocol Buffers or “Protobufs” is a term often thrown around the rooms of big tech companies when designing application systems. Application systems can contain hundreds of thousands of machines all communicating with each other...

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Building with Server-sent Events

Building real-time applications on the web has never been easier. In this post, I'll explain how you can use server-sent events, or SSE for short, to get real-time data for your web applications...

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Reducing server bandwidth with conditional GETs

Let's imagine one day you've been poking around the network usage section of your phone, trying to see what apps are killing your allotted 10GB of mobile data from T-Mobile. ...

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