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Work Experience


Senior Software Engineer

July 2022 – Present
  • Working on core platform feature UI/UX on core data team
  • Drove efforts for improving application performance as well as wrote guides on best practices
  • Managed a team of 2 engineers, helped decide scope and define projects in organization
  • Worked with Node.js, React and Python

Snorkel AI

Senior Software Engineer

July 2020 – July 2022
  • Second fulltime frontend engineer, helped educate and build FE team out to 9 frontend engineers
  • Established and built out systems for high throughput, complex user interfaces
  • Built out the UI for core labeling system, enabling users to work with gigabytes of data on a SPA
  • Helped launch new product initiatives, created MVPs and well tested and architected code
  • Worked in React.js, Next.js, Node.js, Python and Node.js


Senior Software Engineer

Nov 2018 – July 2020
  • Worked on commerce/payments team to streamline and optimize checkout experience on the web
  • Introduced and fostered optimal development and release concepts to a team of 10 engineers
  • Helped groom and manage junior members of the team to expose the best of their abilities
  • Simplified the checkout process with a 3% improvement in sales
  • Implemented various page optimizations to improve accessibility and page load times


Lead Software Engineer

Mar 2018 – Nov 2018
  • Promoted and tasked to plan, manage and develop new increased team size that included 2 engineers and 1 intern
  • Collaborated with teammates to develop seamless integration, deployment, and communication between React frontend, Node.js backend, React-Native Android, Electron Desktop and Swift/iOS applications.
  • Conducted technical and non-technical interviews of newly hired engineers
  • Revamped and optimized web and desktop versions of (stealth) product
  • Designed primary user interface of 4/5 applications currently in development

Software Engineer

Oct 2017 – Mar 2018
  • First engineering hire; tasked to create a a web interface and server for a popular imessage extension
  • Created an API with Node.js integrated with Firebase and Elasticsearch
  • Created automated deployment system in Flask and set up CI/alerting
  • Created second iteration of web app in React/Redux and RxJS

PlayStation/Sony of America

Frontend Engineer

Aug 2017 – Mar 2018
  • Worked with internal tooling team of PlayStation to ship products for game developers
  • Migrated software wrote in React and Angular 1 code base to Angular 2
  • Worked with UI/UX team to develop new features and apps for internal CMS
  • Deployed multiple tools that are currently in production
  • On-boarded new team members